Quality machining and metalstamping​




It's been our motto for years:

​"The difference between a good service company and great service company isn't just how it performs day to day - it's how it performs when a customer is stressed, burdened or disappointed."

Our customer's expectations are high, so our standards are higher.

Sunset Tool, Inc strives to exceed the quality expectations of our customers.  We work with our customers to determine their needs and develop process to ensure these expectations are achieved.


At Sunset Tool, Inc, we're always monitoring and integrating new machine tool technologies.  

Whether it be machine tools, cutting tool technologies or other support equipment; we incorporate emerging technologies into our production capabilities.


Cell based manufacturing teams allow on-the-floor foremen and machinists the ability to control work flow and drive productivity to high limits.

Integration and communication between cells allow multi-tasking and rapid completion of projects.